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About us

Welcome to our website!

🐾 A Magic Little Foot immár 14 éve foglalkozik Colorful ( szines ) yorkshire terrier és Pomeranian tenyésztésével .
We are passionate about our dogs and our goal is to provide the best possible puppies to the wonderful families by protecting and promoting the bloodlines of these breeds.🐾

Our dogs can be found in several countries in Europe and other parts of the world. The goal of our kennel is to further the bloodlines of colorful Yorkshire Terriers and Pomeranian dogs, ensuring their continuation and protection, and to introduce these beautiful dog breeds to people."

Our basic slogan: that our dogs and our customers should not only be satisfied but be MORE than satisfied with us! Our dogs are family members to us! Receiving maximum attention and care, they live their lives in well-groomed, luxurious conditions.

Yorkshire Terier


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